SteelEye's Fourth Anniversary - A message from CEO Matt Smith

SteelEye US Expansion - North America-minThis week, SteelEye is officially reaching its fourth year of operations. As CEO and co-founder, I am extremely proud to be marking this exciting milestone.

In October 2017, we launched the first data-centric platform for regulatory compliance as a small team with a clear vision – to establish and maintain trust in the financial markets by making it easy for firms to accurately comply with financial regulations. It hasn’t been an easy journey but with hard work and dedication we have grown to sixty-five people across five countries and today serve over one hundred clients globally.

We have built a unique data platform that transforms how financial firms meet compliance obligations. This has enabled SteelEye to become a leading provider of regulatory reporting and oversight services.

Celebrating 4 years of SteelEye is all about our employees, clients, partners, and shareholders – the people who made our success to date possible.


To our clients:

Thank you for your support and for making us a leader in the industry. We are honored to have your trust and will work tirelessly to continue to deserve it.

To our employees:

I am grateful to work with such talented, dedicated, and passionate people every day. Your commitment to our clients and to our mission has been integral to SteelEye’s progress and success.

To our partners:

The work we do together is of the utmost importance to SteelEye and our ecosystem. We thank you for your commitment, expertise, and skills in helping us serve clients across the globe.

To our shareholders:

Your continued belief in our vision and what we are doing is humbling and we are grateful for your continued support and trust as we scale and grow.


It is gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future for RegTech looks so bright. The demand for holistic and cloud-based compliance solutions continues to grow, and SteelEye is at the forefront with its comprehensive and dynamic solutions.

We are incredibly excited for the year ahead as we enter our next phase of growth. We are expanding into North America, developing new solutions, strengthening our operations, and improving customer experience. Our focus will remain on ensuring we deliver value to our clients, and we look forward to delivering our exciting product roadmap and helping more firms around the world to unlock hidden insight from their data.

The best is yet to come!

Matt Smith
Chief Executive Officer


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