SteelEye’s Women in RegTech: Michelle Hunt

At SteelEye, our culture is the heartbeat of the organization, driving our commitment to identifying and retaining exceptional talent in an ever-evolving landscape.

As part of those efforts, we take immense pride in cultivating an environment where women not only thrive in their roles but also feel a sense of pride and belonging. This dedication to fostering a positive work culture is evident in our recognition as the recipient of Harrington Starr's esteemed Best Company Culture award in 2022. At the core of our culture lies a commitment to creating a positive work environment that nurtures a strong sense of community. 

Michelle Hunt is a member of the Account Management team based in SteelEye’s London office. Michelle shares her insights into her journey with SteelEye and explains why she believes fellow women should find inspiration in joining the RegTech industry and the SteelEye team.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in Account Management?

Michelle: From a young age, I’ve always wanted to work in a role that allows me to be exposed to the global market, and to have the opportunity to be involved in multi-cultural interactions. Soon after I finished my degree in Latin American Studies, I was fortunate to begin my FinTech career at a world-leading company, where I was taught about the financial market and given the opportunity to upskill and transition into the sales role that I have today. My experience prior to working in sales was in analytical and technical roles, and this prepared me to have the level of understanding needed to be in a client-facing role. Overall, my account management role has allowed me to achieve my goal and the exposure I have had to different working cultures has been invaluable. 


"My account management role has allowed me to achieve my goal."


Q: What is it about your work at SteelEye that excites you? 

Michelle: Moving to SteelEye was an exciting career change for me, as it’s an opportunity to really build a team from scratch using my experience from a larger firm. The most appealing part is that I’m able to collaborate with internal teams in order to make a real impact on our clients. It’s clear that at SteelEye we put our clients first and we’re constantly improving their product experience. I'm also gaining a broader understanding of the FinTech space and its regulatory requirements. I’m very excited about the future of this company and feel fortunate to be a part of the company’s expansion. 


"At SteelEye we put our clients first and we're constantly improving their product experience."

SteelEye-Women in RegTech Michelle Hunt

Q: What advice would you give to young women looking to start a careerin FinTech? 

Michelle: Don't be scared to approach FinTech! I spent far too much time in my technical roles because of the fear that I didn't know enough to be in front of clients. Self-doubt is your worst enemy but should also be your biggest motivation to make a change. It’s important to build a strong network to support you in your goals. I found that people are more approachable than you thinktheres always time to grab a coffee and ask for advice. I’ve always leveraged my support network when making big decisions in my career, and there has always been someone willing to offer guidance. I'm a huge advocate for mentorship programs, and I have mentored interns and new starters in the past, as it’s great to be a part of someone's career so early on and to continue building a strong female support system. 


"Self-doubt is your worst enemy but should also be your biggest motivation to make a change."


Q: What do you see as the most pressing issue for women in our industry?  

Michelle: We need to see more women in leadership and remove the glass ceiling that women are subjected to. Having leaders from similar backgrounds helps us to really believe we're capable of achieving the same goals and allows us to have a more equal workspace. Typically, FinTech has been a male-dominated industry, and the lack of female representation will inevitably reduce the number of women applying to roles in this space. We need a better support system, and more investment from employers when it comes to upskilling women who want to transition into these roles. This will not only help to increase female representation today but will help to build a more inclusive industry for future generations.


"We need to see more women in leadership and remove the glass ceiling that women are subjected to."

The insights shared by Michelle Hunt offer valuable advice to women considering a career in the FinTech and RegTech industries.

Michelle highlights the need for an improved support system and increased investment to encourage greater female participation in the currently male-dominated RegTech sector. Michelle also acknowledges the significance of mentorship programs and the sense of accomplishment that comes from being a part of a young woman's career journey. 

SteelEye places an emphasis on professional development and career growth for women. We offer a wealth of opportunities, including training programs and mentorship initiatives to ensure that women feel valued and inspired to excel within our organization. As a rapidly scaling company, SteelEye provides extensive avenues for growth as we expand globally, offering women a chance to take on leadership roles and make their mark in the industry. 

Our commitment to equality extends to flexible work arrangements. We understand that flexibility is a vital aspect of supporting women's careers, and we actively champion work-life harmony for all. 

At SteelEye, our culture isn't just a philosophy – it's a way of life, where every woman's potential is recognized, nurtured, and celebrated. We stand committed to creating an inclusive environment where women thrive, grow, and inspire others on their journey to success. 

We understand that attracting and empowering female talent is crucial for creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and it will always be a top priority for our organization. Interested in learning more? Visit our website to see the open roles we have across our global offices. 


If you are interested in joining our team, why not check out our open roles?


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