Webinar: Mobile Communication Compliance | 26 Feb

10 February 2020

Webinar: Capturing and monitoring WhatsApp, SMS and calls WITHIN FINANCIAL SERVICES

26 February | 14.00-15.00 (GMT)

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Recent regulations have introduced increasingly stringent rules about the recording, storage and access requirements of voice and electronic communications relating to financial dealings. Whilst this has been relatively straightforward to manage for desk phones, it has proven a significant challenge for mobile devices due to the wealth of communication channels involved.

In response, we have seen many firms limiting the use of mobiles, particularly in and around the trading floor. However, in today’s world, customers and employees expect a level of responsiveness which can only be achieved with mobile devices. As a result, firms are increasingly looking for ways to effectively and compliantly monitor and capture mobile communications.

In this webinar, experts from SteelEye and TeleMessage will discuss the challenges around the wider adoption of mobile technology in financial services, including the regulatory requirements firms need to adhere to.

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