Meet your EMIR Reporting Requirements with an automated and intelligent EMIR Reporting Solution

Simplify your EMIR Reporting

EMIR requires European market players to report details of all financial derivatives contracts (over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives) via a Trade Repository on a T+1 basis. Due to the complexity of the EMIR reporting regime, achieving compliance is both costly and challenging for financial firms. Brexit has added further complexity – particularly where firms have a dual-reporting obligation.

Effortlessly Meet EMIR Reporting Requirements

SteelEye's EMIR Reporting solution reduces the complexity and cost of compliance by automating the EMIR reporting process and effectively managing breaks and validations. This enables you to effortlessly report your derivative positions, collateral and transactions while freeing up resource and optimizing your operations. And since SteelEye is cloud-based, costs are kept to a minimum.

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EMIR Reporting Solution

Your EMIR Reporting, Simplified.

SteelEye effortlessly consolidates, normalizes, and enriches your EMIR reporting data and automatically compiles your required reports for derivative positions, collateral, and transactions. Reports can be scheduled for automatic submission on a T+1 basis or manually submitted to a trade repository at the click of a button. By effectively ingesting, validating, and managing your data, SteelEye provides a 99.75%+ EMIR reporting success rate. 


How SteelEye's EMIR Reporting works:

1. Effortless data ingestion

We ingest your EMIR Reporting data via FIX (or another protocol) into the SteelEye platform where is it automatically validated, normalized, and enriched with market and reference data.

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2. Automatic EMIR report creation

Using the data ingested, we create your EMIR reports using the format set out by the regulator, checking the reporting eligibility of each instrument.

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3. Easy report submission

We can submit your EMIR reports automatically on a T+1 basis in line with the regulation or alert you once your reports are ready for you to review and submit manually.

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4. EMIR Reporting Validation

Once submitted, all EMIR reports are validated against the reporting criteria, throwing back any rejections in a timely manner for easy correction to ensure accurate reporting.

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Benefits of SteelEye's EMIR Reporting Solution

Reduced risk

Since SteelEye automates EMIR Reporting process, human error is reduced and so is the administrational headache associated with manual reporting. This allows you to reduce risk, free up resource and save cost.

Enhanced Business Insight

By capturing your positions, SteelEye gives you access to a vast array of analytics, including market abuse detection, portfolio analysis and Net-Asset-Value calculations.

Simple, Transparent and Fair Pricing

Our pricing model is straight-forward and designed to help you meet your EMIR Reporting obligations cost-effectively. We have no surprise costs or exit fees.

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