EMIR Reporting

Get value back from your EMIR Reporting.

As EMIR was introduced across Europe, initially in 2012 and then fully implemented in 2014, hundreds of financial firms suddenly needed a solution to comply. Several years later EMIR compliance has become a significant headache. And while larger firms have been able to outsource their reporting obligation, smaller firms have been stuck with complicated technology solutions at a high cost.

Reducing the complexity and cost of compliance
SteelEye's EMIR Reporting reduces the complexity and cost of EMIR compliance by automating the reporting process and effectively managing breaks and validations. This allows you to save cost, free up resource and optimise operations. And since SteelEye is cloud-based, costs are kept to a minimum. 

Automated reporting for optimised operations

SteelEye completely automates the data collection and EMIR reporting process, reducing operational headaches and freeing up resource.

Simple, transparent and fair pricing

Our pricing model is straight-forward and designed to help you meet your compliance obligations cost-effectively. We have no surprise costs or exit fees.

Access to additional business insight

By capturing your positions, SteelEye gives you access to a vast array of analytics, including market abuse detection, portfolio analysis and Net-Asset-Value calculations.

How it works

1. Real-time data ingestion
We effortlessly ingests your data via FIX (or another protocol) into the SteelEye platform where is it validated, normalised and enriched with market and reference data.

2. Automatic report creation
Using the data ingested, we automatically create the EMIR reports using the format set out by the regulator, checking the reporting eligibility of each instrument.

3. Report submission
We can submit your EMIR reports automatically on a T+1 basis in line with the regulation or alert you once your reports are ready for you to review and submit manually.

4. Validation
Once submitted, all reports are validated against the reporting criteria, throwing back any rejections in a timely manner to ensure accurate reporting.

Beyond EMIR

SteelEye was designed to help firms Comply Smarter™ and enables you to meet a range of your regulatory obligations through a single platform - so that you don’t have to build separate solutions for each problem. But SteelEye can help with more than just regulatory compliance. By consolidating systems and vendors, you can not only free up time and save costs, but realise data synergies. Bringing together your trade, order, communications, market and reference data on one platform means you will see your data like never before. SteelEye's data analytics provides you with new insight into your business performance, helping you improve efficiency and profitability. 

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