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Get a comprehensive view of your order book with SteelEye's market replay solution

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Play, pause, rewind, fast forward and slow down your order book activity

Today, most firms have a limited retrospective view of their order and trade activity which restricts their ability to identify opportunities, risks, and compliance threats. With SteelEye’s comprehensive Order Book Replay, you get enhanced data insight which enables you to more effectively oversee your trading operations, detect market abuse, and make more informed decisions. 

Facilitate more precise and rigorous market abuse surveillance

SteelEye's Order Book Replay gives you a comprehensive visual representation of your order and trade activity so you can easily monitor for and identify irregular behaviors such as spoofing and layering.

Turn oversight into insight

SteelEye’s market replay solution visually showcases the overall balance of your order book against market price levels and spreads, allowing you to playback trading sessions and more thoroughly analyze market movements.


How it works

In SteelEye’s market replay solution, an indicator shows the state of the Order Book at a precise point in time along with any shift in book balance because of client order flow. The sizing of the bars is relative to the volume at that level and time, with customers also being able to access information on price levels and top-of-book spread change.

Market Replay Solution - SteelEye
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Monitor for breaches

SteelEye’s market replay solution allows you to easily identify instances of potential market abuse. It also enables you to easily investigate and resolve customer inquiries surrounding particular trades by quickly looking up relevant records and contextual data.


Analyze execution quality

With SteelEye’s Order Book Replay, you can easily and quickly review the execution quality of a particular trader, team, or the overall firm. Compare performance between different trading teams to empower enhanced decision-making.


Enhance Decision Making

SteelEye’s market replay solution allows you to review situations of interest to identify missed opportunities in order to improve future performance. This enables firms to enhance their decision-making as it analyzes trading strategies and their effectiveness.


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