Trade and Order Analytics

Enhanced Analytics Tool for Financial Compliance Data

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Greater insight equals better trading outcomes

Get microscopic vision of all your trading and order data to enhance your analysis and strengthen your performance. 

SteelEye's Trade and Order Analytics solution transforms your data into usable information, making it immutable, secure and instantly retrievable. This gives you the ability to search, visualise and analyse your performance in real-time. 

SteelEye provides you with a set of user-friendly and intelligent analytics tools that have been constructed to form penetrative analysis of your orders and trades. This gives you microscopic vision of your order and trade activity and allows for quick and easy navigation from a portfolio level, down to asset class, financial instrument, or even individual order or trade.

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How does it work?

Graphs and visual data breakdown provide you with actionable answers to some of the most challenging questions. This gives you a true understanding of your business - top to bottom, which can be turned into improved decision-making and better trading outcomes.

Trade and Order Analytics is part of the SteelEye Data Platform, which also includes Record Keeping, eDiscovery and Trade Reconstruction. Want to know more? Download the SteelEye Data Platform service overview.

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