There is a growing pressure to detect market abuse and ensure protection against manipulative market risk.

Recent regulation has upped the ante for financial market participants and venues when it comes to reporting potential market abuse. Firms and venues will now need to detect and report a broader range of suspicious behaviours on a broader range of instruments. Firms will need to report not only suspicious trades but also suspicious orders.

Your reporting is only as good as your detection. SteelEye’s Trade Surveillance package provides a set of advanced algorithms which analyse all your data, looking for potentially suspicious activity.

SteelEye will provide compliance offers with a comprehensive alert management system and powerful tools to reduce the false positives.

SteelEye’s Trade Surveillance Module : Core features and benefits.

  • Using a set of pre defined configurable parameters, schedule and run a list of key Market Abuse defined reports.
  • Configure and Fine tune your rules using an extensive list of defining parameters to narrow down false positives and adjust to current market conditions.
  • To comply with regular regulatory reviews, use real time back testing to build, run & review outcomes, to guide the fine tuning of your production settings.
  • Review & analyse relevant data across different markets and products.
  • Visualise historic trends and profiles, by Client, Trader or Business Unit.
  • Build auditable cases for investigation and escalation, using the fully integrated Case Management capability.
  • Monitor and review any Personal account approvals and trading activity.
  • Review and monitor alerts from any trading on restricted instruments or with restricted parties.
  • Get comprehensive cross platform insight by using SteelEye Trade and Communication surveillance together.

SteelEye Trade Surveillance


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