MiFID II Reporting

Don't just comply, compete!

Free-up resource and lighten your regulatory load with SteelEye’s MiFID II Reporting

Transaction reporting is every firm’s legal obligation under MiFID II, requiring you to send your trade data at T+1 intervals to a selected Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM).

With up to 65 different data fields and over 300 validation criteria, transaction reporting can end up costing a huge amount of time, money and effort for firms.

Using the best tools can turn your obligation into an opportunity.

SteelEye’s Transaction Reporting completely automates data collection, normalises and enriches data, and simplifies the submission process. Having all regulatory reporting data in one place means firms can easily review and reconcile data, feeling confident in their compliance. With everything under a single lens, firms gain a whole new level of insight, turning compliance into an opportunity.

Transaction Reporting

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