Reporting Errors Are Expensive 

Even a 1% reporting failure rate will slow you down. Save time and money with SteelEye.

99.75%+ Reporting Success Rate

Because of our data centric approach to financial regulation, less than 0.25% of our clients' reports fail. Our automated process reduces both complexity and cost, whilst enabling you to feel confident in your compliance. 


MiFIR and EMIR reporting can be complicated, especially with CME and Deutsche Börse closing their regulatory reporting businesses - forcing many firms to change vendors. But even outside of these circumstances, reporting errors are often high, with some vendors only guaranteeing a 90% reporting success rate. This is both expensive and time consuming. 

By effectively ingesting, validating and managing your data, SteelEye provides a 99.75%+ report success rate

Our Regulatory Reporting suite for MiFID II and EMIR seamlessly consolidates, cleanses, validates and enriches all your data in real-time and automates large parts of the transaction reporting process. This enables you to free up resource and increase your operational efficiency, while improving your data integrity and reporting accuracy.

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Why switch to SteelEye

Automated Process for Enhanced Reporting

With SteelEye, your reporting takes care of itself. All transactions are collected, validated and automatically used to create your reports, ready for you to review before submitting.

Straightforward and Easy Migration

By switching to SteelEye, you don't have to make any changes to your data. In fact, you can supply us with exactly the same files you send your current reporting partner. As a result, the migration is straightforward and easy!

More Control Over Your Compliance

SteelEye gives you full control of your reporting. Get visibility of all your financial data and reduce your risk. You can also manage a range of your other obligations with our comprehensive RegTech suite - that is smarter compliance!

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More than just reporting

With all data in one place, you can better monitor, analyse and identify trends in your data. Plus, our platform gives you access to a wide range of analytics, enabling you to perform detailed analysis on an eclectic mix of data that otherwise wouldn’t interact. Get in touch to see how we can help you to:

  • Automate your reporting and free up time and resource
  • Consolidate your compliance for EMIR, MiFIR, MAR and more on one platform 
  • Save cost with our straightforward pricing model
  • Boost your financial data analysis

“It was very apparent that SteelEye had something special and we started looking at what other benefits we could gain from their system. This is what really set SteelEye apart from the rest” 
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Industry Recognised EMIR & MiFIR Reporting 

SteelEye has been recognised as the Best Regulatory Reporting Solution for both the sell and buy-side by RiskHFM, WatersTechnology and TradingTech Insight.

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