Replacing CME/NEX Abide or Deutsche Börse?

Looking for a CME or Deutsche Börse transaction reporting alternative? Switch your reporting to SteelEye for effortless onboarding, improved reporting accuracy, lowered costs and increased automation. 

Improve your reporting accuracy and lower your costs with SteelEye 

Take this opportunity to automate your regulatory reporting to save costs and free up time.
A switch from CME or Deutsche Börse to SteelEye is effortless!

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Take Control of Your Reporting

With CME and Deutsche Börse closing their regulatory reporting businessestake this opportunity to automate you reporting. 

A switch to SteelEye is effortless and our fully automated platform takes the complexity out of your regulatory reporting. We seamlessly collect and validate all of your financial data before automatically creating your transaction reports. These can then be reviewed before being manually submitted by a member of your team, or automatically sent to an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), National Competent Authority (NCA) or Trade Repository.

All reports are validated against the reporting criteria, quickly throwing back any rejections so corrections can be made. This ensures complete, consistent and high-quality reporting across all your trading activity. And because our platform is cloud-based, operating and maintenance costs are kept low, freeing up time and resources for you and your team.

Get value from your compliance

Our regulatory reporting solution gathers all of your financial data from across your entire portfolio and complements it with a range of market and reference data within the SteelEye platform. We ensure that all your data is cleansed, mapped and accurately indexed before it is used within our reporting suite, so you can feel confident you are reporting correctly. 

With everything in one place, you can better monitor, analyse and identify trends in your data. Plus, our platform gives you access to a wide range of analytics, including market abuse detection, portfolio analysis, and Net-Asset-Value calculations.

This lets you perform detailed analysis on an eclectic mix of data that otherwise wouldn’t interact. 

Impacted businesses are as follows:

CME Group:

  • NEX Regulatory Reporting (NRR or CME Regulatory Reporting)
  • NRR (Abide) Hub
  • NEX Abide Trade Repository (NATR)
  • NRR (Abide) ARM
  • NRR (Abide) APA
  • Legacy CME Global Repository Service (GRS)
  • CME European Trade Repository (ETR)
  • CME Australian Trade Repository (ATR)

Deutsche Börse:

  • Deutsche Börse Regulatory Reporting Hub
  • Deutsche Börse Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM)
  • Deutsche Börse Approved Publication Arm (APA)

Why switch to SteelEye

Automated Process for Enhanced Reporting

With SteelEye, your reporting takes care of itself. All transactions are collected, validated and automatically used to create your reports, ready for you to review before submitting.

Effortless Onboarding

We have already migrated several clients from NEX and Deutsche Börse to SteelEye and have the process down to a T. Our pricing structure is straightforward and since we are cloud-based costs are kept to a minimum.

Straightforward and Easy Migration

By switching from Deutsche Börse/CME Reporting to SteelEye, you don't have to make any changes to your data. In fact, you can supply us with exactly the same files you send to Deutsche Börse/CME. As a result, the migration is straightforward and easy!

More Control Over Your Compliance

SteelEye gives you full control of your reporting. Get visibility of all your financial data and reduce your risk. You can also manage a range of your other obligations with our comprehensive RegTech suite - that is smarter compliance!

Better Data Insights and Deeper Analysis

Get instant value from your financial reporting data. Our platform captures all your information and provides you with detailed analysis, helping you uncover business insights you can use to optimise your operations.

Trusted Advisor

As a SteelEye client, our experts become an extension of your team, on call to help guide and advise you so that you are not alone on your regulatory journey. We work closely with you to share our experiences and complement your inhouse teams.

Get in touch to see how you can:

  • Automate the reporting process, freeing up time and resources
  • Demonstrate ongoing compliance with EMIR, MiFID II and other reporting regimes 
  • Achieve cost savings with our straightforward pricing model
  • Boost your financial data analysis

Industry Recognised EMIR & MiFIR Reporting 

SteelEye has been recognised as the Best Regulatory Reporting Solution for both the sell and buy-side in 2020 by HFM, WatersTechnology and TradingTech Insight.

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B&W 2-1-1
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“It was very apparent that SteelEye had something special and we started looking at what other benefits we could gain from their system. This is what really set SteelEye apart from the rest”

Steven Graves, Chief Operating Officer, Hywin Wealth

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