OAuth for Zoom Phone


    SteelEye OAUTH Zoom Phone is an app that allows the integration of Zoom phone data into SteelEye. The integration authorizes SteelEye to fetch Zoom data via the Zoom API and load it into the SteelEye platform. This app is developed and maintained by SteelEye and is required for SteelEye to access Zoom phone data as per the client agreement in order to deliver the compliance services the client has contracted SteelEye for.


    SteelEye-Zoom-OAthApp installation

    The app can be installed directly by using the link provided by SteelEye during the onboarding process.

    The link will direct you to the Zoom marketplace where you can verify the permissions and authorize the app (by clicking Allow). This will install the SteelEye OAUTH Zoom Phone app. 

    Please note that you need to be an admin of your Zoom account to authorize the app.

    The SteelEye integration team will remain at hand to provide support and help during this process and the wider onboarding.



    Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace. Click: Manage > Installed Apps >  SteelEye OAUTH Zoom Phone app > Uninstall.