Valbury Capital streamline MiFID II and MAR compliance with SteelEye

Providing Valbury with a bespoke data platform for record keeping, trade reconstruction, transaction reporting, best execution reporting, and trade and communications surveillance.


When MiFID II was introduced it impacted over 9,000 market participants across Europe, requiring firms to report and record data in far greater depth and scope than ever before. This includes trade and communication data for all activities, services and transactions for up to 7 years. Even when a transaction is not yet concluded, the record must be accurate and readily retrievable. But without large, dedicated IT resources, meeting the demands of MiFID II is costly and challenging.


With the increased demands for record keeping, reporting and surveillance required by MiFID II and MAR, Valbury Capital needed a compliance solution tailored specifically to their business that would enable them to comply in an increasingly efficient way.

“We wanted a robust solution with an implementation team that could deliver a solution tailored to our specific needs”

Mark Hanney, Chief Executive Officer, Valbury


SteelEye provided Valbury with a completely bespoke solution to their compliance needs, delivering a tailored data platform for record keeping, trade reconstruction, transaction reporting, best execution reporting, and trade and communications surveillance. SteelEye even integrates with Valbury’s voice recording and transcription provider, providing Valbury with the robust, tried and tested solution they were looking for.


“SteelEye has allowed us to meet our specific compliance needs whilst automating large parts of our regulatory processes post MiFID II”

Mark Hanney, Chief Executive Officer, Valbury


  • Customised Compliance
    Deploying SteelEye has enabled Valbury to implement processes for compliance management and oversight that are deeply customised to their individual business.

  • Process Automation
    Valbury now have the tools to automate large parts of their compliance processes, effortlessly complying with MiFID II and MAR.

  • Future proofing and flexibility 
    With a wealth of data unified on one system, Valbury can audit and retrieve information within minutes. 

  • Enhanced analytics
    By consolidating data from otherwise disparate sources, Valbury gain new insights into their operations.


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Services used:

Core Package

Transaction Reporting

Communications Surveillance

Trade Surveillance

Best Execution and TCA

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