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Financial firms need to adapt their compliance processes as remote working becomes increasingly accepted. New challenges for compliance procedures accompany the realities of a mobile workforce who work both from home and from the office.

Monitoring communications is a vital element of compliance but, with staff working from multiple locations, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve. Difficult because many formal procedures and compliance solutions require access to on-premise technology. If your compliance professionals are working in the cloud whilst your technology is on-premise, effective oversight can prove challenging.

Regulators recognise that firms are currently working under Business Contingency Plans and have delayed some new regulations accordingly. But it is clear that there will be no leniency in terms of regulatory compliance and reporting obligations, and firms are expected to continue to comply with MAR, Dodd-Frank, SM&CR, MiFID II and EMIR to name a few.

To help financial firms to comply under the current working conditions, SteelEye is offering a free trial of its award-winning Communications Surveillance service, for up to 90 days.

The offer

This offer is for surveillance of MS Exchange email and Bloomberg chat – supporting compliance teams across frequently used communications channels to understand content, put context around situations, and monitor for suspicious behaviour and prevent risk.


The free trial covers up to 50 monitored users per firm, with no obligation to continue use after the 90-day period. Firms taking up the offer can be onboarded quickly and easily, typically within a day. This is dependent on your ability to send us your data and complete the trial agreement swiftly.

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Scoping call

Once you have requested a call-back we will set up a virtual meeting to discuss your requirements, the onboarding process and any other questions you have.


If you want to go ahead and use SteelEye’s communications surveillance, you will need to sign our trial agreement. This is very straight-forward and covers only the 90-day free trial period.


Once the trial agreement has been signed, the integration will take up to 24 hours. We have an advanced governance structure and stringent policies that protect your data.

Get started

Once onboarded, you will be provided a web-link to your independent SteelEye platform via a URL web-link - only you will have access to this. You will also be provided with training.

A trusted partner

Although this free trial is for Communications Surveillance, our award-winning services address a full range of compliance functions, including record keeping, trade reconstruction, analytics, trade and communications surveillance, regulatory reporting, best execution and transaction cost analysis – all of which are necessary for financial firms to meet their compliance obligations – and our experts also become an extension of your team, to help guide and advise you so you are supported on your regulatory journey.

SteelEye is asset-class agnostic and provides compliance solutions covering a wide range of global financial regulations including MiFID II, EMIR, Dodd-Frank, SFTR, SM&CR and more.


SteelEye follows the guidelines of ISO/IEC 27001 and we are fully compliant under AWS certificates for hosting capabilities. We have a strong governance structure and stringent policies that protect our client’s data to perform their compliance and regulatory obligations. Our platform and systems have a high level of protection - network protection, encryption and multifactor access control.

Communications Surveillance
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