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The number of communications channels and eComms / vComms records that exist today have made it increasingly difficult for financial firms to comply with regulations and proactively identify signs of misconduct and market abuse. To stay ahead of their regulatory obligations, firms need to not only capture all communications by regulated employees, but also monitor this data to demonstrate that the policies are being adhered to. With SteelEye's communications monitoring, firms can easily manage, oversee, and control all their communications data on a single communications monitoring platform.

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Multiple Communications Channels. One platform.

Global regulatory requirements imposed by FINRA, SEC, IIROC, MAR, and MiFID II include strict rules around how regulated financial firms must capture and monitor communications records. SteelEye's Communications Surveillance Lite enables you to bring together and oversee all your communications and apply straightforward logic to detect and mitigate risk. This means you can stay ahead of global regulatory requirements while making use of your data like never before. 

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Included in SteelEye's Communications Monitoring Platform:

Communications Record Keeping, eDiscovery, and case manager
 Customizable alerting rules 
Access to SteelEye's advanced lexicon 
3 SteelEye surveillance behaviors 

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For more sophisticated surveillance requirements, including additional surveillance behaviors and the use of artificial intelligence and context reading technology to reduce false positives and refine results - see our Communications Surveillance Pro. 

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How SteelEye's Communications Monitoring works:

Data consolidation

We bring your communications data together from a wealth of systems and channels on our data-centric communications monitoring platform, where it is cleansed, normalized, indexed, and made instantly available.

Advanced case manager

Using the SteelEye dashboard and case manager, you can easily and quickly search through, filter, and export employee communications to identify suspicious behaviors, policy violations, and conduct issues.

Enhanced risk mitigation

Using SteelEye's lexicon, rules engine, and surveillance behaviors, you can set up automated alerts when specific criteria are met, ensuring you stay on top of risks while freeing up time.


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